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Pickin' "blind." Computer access after Wednesday is doubtful. My daughter is getting married Saturday so we'll be away... Should have talked them into setting a date on a non-race weekend!
Join me at the track... I will be attending 1 race weekend event this year: Auto Club Speedway, March 23-25.

CJ's Speed & Thunder

CJ's Pick Ten (Cup Cars)

Canfield Speedway

Located near Canfield, Ohio

Distance: .500 Mile
Shape: Oval
Type: Dirt Track
1st NASCAR Nextel Cup Event: May 30, 1950
Last Nextel Cup Event: 1952

- Winners by Event Date - Winners by Driver - Pole Winners -

Winners by Event Date
  Race Date Event Name Pole Winner Race Winner SP Make
3 5/30/1952 Poor Man's 500 Dick Rathmann Herb Thomas 4 Hudson
2 5/30/1951 Poor Man's 500 Bill Rexford Marshall Teague n/a Hudson
1 5/30/1950 Canfield 100 Jimmy Florian Bill Rexford n/a Oldsmobile

* Determined by points

Winners by Driver

# of Wins Driver Name
1 Bill Rexford
1 Marshall Teague
1 Herb Thomas

Driver's Pole Summary

# of Pole's Driver Name
1 Jimmy Florian
1 Bill Rexford
1 Dick Rathmann

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